What Are the Reasons for An Engine Replacement?

There are automotive reasons for an engine replacement and reasons that are personal. For some, getting rid of their automobile and buying a new one would be heartbreaking. They’d rather invest in replacing the engine and keeping their dream car. We get that here at Righter’s Auto Repair, which is why we can rebuild or replace your vehicle’s engine when it needs it. Here are instances when an engine replacement is necessary.

Engine Damage Caused By An Auto Accident

Depending on the severity of an auto accident, body damage isn’t always the only thing automobile owners must worry about when they’ve been in an incident. Severe automobile accidents can cause irreparable engine damage, leaving the vehicle owner with the tough choice of allowing his or her insurance company to total the car or buying it back from the carrier and replacing the engine.

Engine Block Cracked By Excess Heat

You might know the engine block as the cylinder block. Either way, if this cracks, your vehicle’s engine is a goner. The engine block forms the bottom of your automobile’s motor. It contains the crankshaft, cylinders, pistons, and the camshaft. Excess heat from the engine’s combustion wears down the engine block over time. If you drive a high-mileage vehicle that is also quite old, your engine block could crack.

Too Much Pressure Caused By Improper Detonation

Combustion chamber detonation can also crack your vehicle’s engine block. If the detonation is off, i.e. it’s too hot and generating too much pressure, it can crack the engine block and destroy the valves, pistons, and engine cylinder heads. This makes sense if you think about it. Although controlled and contained, the spark plugs in your engine set gasoline and air on fire in the combustion chamber.

You Have Metal Shavings in Your Motor Oil

You won’t get much warning if you need an engine replacement because of motor oil failure. By the time you end up with metal shavings in your motor oil, the engine parts have dissipated into the oil – that’s the metal shavings – and your engine is dead. The parts have already seized and your engine has overheated to the point of total failure. Change your motor oil regularly to avoid this. Seriously.

With the exception of the automobile accident, the other three things that warrant an engine replacement will give you some warning. Bring your vehicle in at the first signs of trouble. If you do need an engine replacement, however, you can count on Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge, MI.

Photo by Supersmario from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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