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Your vehicle’s transmission is integral to keeping your moving, and it consists of a system of interconnected parts that are constantly moving, heating up, and rubbing against each other. If you’re having some problems with your vehicle, it could be a result of transmission trouble. In some cases, you might just need a simple fluid flush and refill. Let the experts at Righter’s Auto Service help you with all your transmission-related needs. We provide the transmission repair Grand Ledge and Lansing drivers trust most.

Transmission Warning Signs

There are several things to be aware of when it comes to your vehicle’s transmission system. A few red flags can indicate that your engine is in potentially serious trouble. Here are a few warning signs to be on the lookout for when it comes to your transmission:

  • Shifting delays: if your vehicle pauses when you move from shift to park, or you’re noticing a pause in forward motion when shifting into first gear, there may be an issue with your transmission.
  • Any grinding, slipping, or jumping when you accelerate means that your vehicle is having trouble shifting gears.
  • A shaky car at any speed could mean that there’s some transmission trouble at play.
  • If you notice a burning smell coming from your hood, it could be related to the transmission.
  • Fluid that’s visible leaking from your vehicle or cloudy, thick, or foul-smelling transmission fluid indicates dirty fluid or a potential leak.
  • If your manual transmission gear shifter is difficult to move or won’t go into gear at all, there’s definitely an issue with the transmission.

Transmission Repair Grand Ledge & Lansing, MI

If you have a manual transmission, it needs fluid to keep all of the gears properly lubricated. Automatic transmission systems also need fluid to create the hydraulic pressure necessary to power the transmission. If this fluid is dirty or clogged, it can affect your vehicle and cause it to overheat. Your gears might start slipping, surging, or even become ground down which will likely result in costly repairs. Have your fluid checked and do a full transmission fluid flush whenever you need it to prevent the issue.

If you have worn-out gears, these parts may need to be replaced. A worn clutch on a manual transmission system is another common problem, but it’s also an easy fix as long as it gets diagnosed. Parts wear out or break, but thankfully, an experienced mechanic can find the problem and then repair or replace these parts as needed. The key is to report any transmission problems as soon as possible so we can get them repaired for you before it’s too late.

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