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oil changes

Oil Change Lansing MI

Every vehicle on the road depends on clean motor oil to keep things running smoothly. The oil in your engine keeps all of the moving parts properly lubricated, and it also helps to keep the engine cool to prevent overheating. When oil gets clogged and dirty, it can wreak serious havoc on your engine. Regular oil changes are an integral part of good vehicle maintenance and care. At Righter’s Auto Repair, we’re happy to be your one-stop shop for all of your maintenance needs, including your filter and oil change. For the best oil change in Grand Ledge and Lansing, MI, visit one of our two convenient locations.

Back To The Basics

For most vehicles, you should have the oil changed every 3,000 miles or per your manufacturer’s recommendations. However, if you drive a lot or drive in rugged terrain or through heavy traffic, you may need to have your oil changed more often. Check with your owner’s manual to find out when the best schedule is for your vehicle. We’re happy to set up a schedule for you so that you never forget to have it changed. If your motor oil looks dark, it’s definitely dirty and needs to be changed. Clean motor oil should have a thin, amber-colored hue. The filter should always be changed along with the motor oil to ensure that it properly catches any excess dirt, grime, and debris.

Oil Change Grand Ledge MI

At Righter’s Auto Repair, we know exactly what type of motor oil your vehicle needs. Whether it’s fully synthetic, a synthetic blend, or high-mileage oil, we’ll recommend the right type depending on your vehicle and your driving style. We’ll also replace your used filter and recycle the old oil in a responsible manner. Our technicians will take a closer look at your cabin filter, air filter, and other filters to make sure they are all clean and in good condition. A basic vehicle check is also included which involves checking your car battery, vehicle lights, and more. Fluids will be topped off including windshield wiper fluids, and we’ll check other fluid levels to make sure they’re at the right level for your vehicle.

Make sure you have your oil changed on a regular basis to keep your car running smoothly. This simple maintenance procedure is fast, inexpensive, and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in potential repairs later down the line.

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For all your vehicle service and repair needs, visit Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge or Lansing MI, and schedule an appointment today!

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