What Are the Different Motor Oil Types That I Can Put in My Car?

There are four different types of motor oil on the market, and, in most cases, all of them can be used in your automobile. This being said, Righter’s Auto Repair advises that if you drive a BMW or other high-performance automobile, the manufacturer will recommend that you only use synthetic oil. To determine the best oil for your car, truck, or utility vehicle, pull out the owner’s manual and see what your automobile’s manufacturer recommends. This will not only include the recommended oil type but also the recommended oil weight. Here are the four types of motor oil available on the market.


Conventional oil is the granddaddy of all motor oils. It has been around for over a century and is the most commonly used motor oil in the United States. Most vehicles run just fine on conventional motor oil, especially if they are not run by a high-performance engine and do not have a ton of miles on the odometer. Conventional oil breaks down quicker than synthetic oil does, so it needs to be changed every 3,000 miles. Overall, conventional oil does a fine job of protecting the engine.


High-mileage oil is designed specifically for engines that have 75,000 miles or more on them. Unfortunately, as your vehicle’s engine ages, it is more likely to leak motor oil. High-mileage oil contains additives that are designed to prevent oil leaks. It also contains additives that will protect the older engine better. Many people switch to high-mileage motor oil once their odometers read 100,000 miles. This being said, 75,000 miles is the general recommendation for the oil-type switch.


As we said above, high-performance engines run better on synthetic motor oil. This is because this motor oil contains additives that keep it viscous longer and protect the engine better. It’s a good idea to switch to synthetic in the winter here in Michigan even if you don’t drive a high-performance automobile. Synthetic stands up better to extreme temperatures. Another advantage to synthetic oil is it doesn’t need to be changed as often as conventional oil.

Synthetic Blend

Finally, some drivers prefer a happy medium. In this case, a synthetic blend would work well if you are one of those drivers. The synthetic blend contains both synthetic and conventional motor oil as well as additives to improve the oil’s viscosity and protection.

Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge or Lansing, MI, to schedule your next oil change. We can help you determine the best motor oil for your automobile.

Photo by spflaum1 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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