Things That Knock Your Vehicle Out of Alignment

Signs that your vehicle has been knocked out of alignment include it pulling to the side and a steering wheel that is not centered. What knocked your vehicle out of alignment in the first place? Well, we hate to say it but it was probably you. Whether intentional or unintentional, the following things will damage the wheel alignment, so avoid them if you can at all costs.


Bumpy roads wreak havoc on your car, truck, or SUV’s alignment. In fact, they can damage your entire suspension system. If you don’t have to drive over bumpy roads, don’t. If you do, or if there is a bump or two in the smooth road, drive over the bumps slowly to prevent wheel and alignment damage.

Especially Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are raised in parking lots and residential streets for a specific purpose and that is to slow you down. Driving over the speed bumps too fast, even if they aren’t too high, can knock your wheels out of alignment. Never drive over a speed bump going any faster than 5 miles-per-hour.


Curbs are your wheels’ enemy. When you hit them, you hit them at an angle and can immediately knock the wheels out of alignment. Be careful when your turning or parallel parking. We’ve all hit a curb in our driving careers, but if you can prevent doing so, your wheels will thank you.


Like bumps, potholes can really do a number on your vehicle’s suspension, especially the alignment. No matter how mad the driver behind you gets, go over the pothole slowly. Think about what it can do to your wheels, shocks, and struts. Take it easy when driving over potholes.

Road Construction

Road construction is dangerous because the roads are usually torn up, creating the problems listed above, and/or they have the metal plates over the roads that create a slight incline. These plates can do more damage than you think they can, so drive over them carefully.

Tire or Suspension Trouble

Finally, tires, the wheels themselves, or your vehicle’s suspension can affect the wheel alignment. This is why your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends preventative maintenance. Taking care of your tires, wheels, and suspension will keep your vehicle aligned and you driving straight ahead.

Another cause of an alignment issue is an accident. At Righter’s Auto Repair, in Grand Ledge or Lansing, MI, we hope you’re never in an automobile accident but if you are, or if your vehicle is not aligned for another reason, stop by our shop today and we’ll fix it.


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