Signs of Exhaust System Problems With Your Car

If you have a hanging muffler or tailpipe, then you know you have vehicle exhaust problems. There are other signs, however, that aren’t as obvious. Basically, the exhaust system is tasked with removing fumes and harmful substances from the cylinders, treating them, and pushing them out of the tailpipe. The exhaust system also reduces engine noise. Righter’s Auto Repair can repair your automobile’s exhaust system if you notice any of the following signs of trouble.


Noise can indicate a hole in your muffler or a problem with the exhaust manifold gasket. Basically, your car will be much louder than it normally is; so much so, you’ll disturb the peace when you drive. This is cool on racetracks but not in quiet neighborhoods. You might also hear hissing or tapping if the manifold gasket is leaking.

Power Loss

Vehicle exhaust affects engine performance, which means you might have power loss as you drive or when you first accelerate. If the power loss is being caused by the exhaust system, you likely have a leak. If the exhaust leak isn’t found and fixed, you will continue to lose more and more power the longer you drive your automobile.

Efficiency Loss

You might also notice that you aren’t getting as much gas mileage as you used to get from a full tank. Because there is a problem in the exhaust system, the engine must work harder to compensate for the power loss. In other words, it will burn more gasoline to meet your power demand each time you press down on the accelerator.

Hot Smell

The exhaust manifold gasket can crack and release hot exhaust into the engine. Parts and wiring around the manifold gasket will begin to melt from the excess heat. You will smell these parts burning and your engine will likely overheat, as well. You might even see smoke or steam if the temperature inside the engine is hot enough. 

Gasoline Smell

Finally, as mentioned above, the exhaust system removes harmful fumes and gases away from the car, i.e. through the tailpipe. If you smell gasoline inside your car, truck, or utility vehicle, you have an exhaust problem that has just put you and your passengers in danger. You could have carbon monoxide blowing into the vehicle cabin.

Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge, MI, if you believe your car has an exhaust problem. We’ll inspect the system so we can find the problem and fix it.

Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro

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