Meeting Your Automotive Needs During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Righter’s Auto Repair is open and ready to serve you. The COVID-19 pandemic does not take away your need for your car, truck, or SUV. We have changed some of our operating policies to accommodate our customers better during this time of precaution and social distancing. You can still stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule or have your automobile repaired at Righter’s knowing we’ve implemented extra steps to ensure you stay safe even though you had work done on your car. Here’s what we’ve done.

Expanded Drop-Off and Delivery Options

Even with face masks and gloves, some people are not comfortable meeting with others face-to-face right now. It’s understandable with how easily COVID-19 spreads. For the time being, you have options to drop off your vehicle and pick it up after service without direct contact. If you live locally, we can also come and get your car, truck, or SUV and then bring it back to you when we’re done. This helps reduce direct contact, something the CDC recommends to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Car and Key Sanitation

To increase your safety, we are also sanitizing your vehicle and keys before we work on your automobile and once we’re done. It doesn’t do you any good to drop off your vehicle without contact only to have us work on it without sanitizing it properly. Our team of certified technicians is taking steps to ensure they do not expose themselves or our customers to COVID-19, including staying home from work if they aren’t well. Nonetheless, you can rest assured we’ll sanitize your vehicle and keys, too.

Contactless Communication

Finally, if you’d prefer, we’ll communicate with you directly via email, phone, or text only. This prevents the need to physically come into our shop. You tell us the preferred method of communication and we’ll use it to discuss the reason for your service visit, update you of our progress on your vehicle, and notify you when the work is completed and your car, truck, or SUV is ready for pick-up or delivery. We don’t mind keeping things electronic if you are more comfortable with that for the time being.

Don’t put your vehicle’s maintenance or repair off until things settle down a bit. There’s no need to do so with Righter’s Auto Repair precautionary steps. Call our Grand Ledge, MI, shop today to schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance or auto repair. We understand the importance of added safety and sanitation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo by Maridav from Canva Pro

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