How Can I Tell if My Car Has a Vacuum Leak?

Your automobile uses vacuum that is produced in the combustion chamber to power other systems and accessories. Righter’s Auto Repair lists the signs of an automobile vacuum leak below so you can tell whether your vehicle is suffering from this problem. Generally, a vacuum leak happens when one of the hoses has broken and the result is excess air in the engine and power loss.

Check Engine Light Dashboard Warning

Your check engine light might illuminate on the dashboard if your vehicle has a vacuum leak. As we just said, a vacuum leak usually creates the condition of too much air in the engine that directly affects the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This, in turn, affects detonation, and your check engine light will come on to let you know the engine is not operating efficiently.

Engine Performance Issues

You likely won’t need to wait for the check engine light warning, however. You will notice problems with your engine’s performance before the light turns on. Usually, when there is too much air in the engine, it will sputter and stall because the air is diluting the gasoline or diesel fuel. You may also notice that your vehicle is sluggish when you accelerate, whether from a stop or during operation.

Rough Idling That Is Sporadic

You may also notice that your vehicle is idling roughly. You will hear the engine cutting in and out while you are sitting at an idle and you may feel your vehicle shake. While this is happening, look down at your dashboard to see if the tachometer is reporting an unusually high RPM. You may also notice the needle bounce up and down as the engine sputters and threatens to stall.

Hissing or Sucking Sounds

Finally, one way to tell if your automobile has a vacuum leak is to listen for it. With your vehicle in park and the parking brake set, pop the hood and listen for hissing or sucking sounds while the engine is running. You may even see a hole in a vacuum hose. Just follow the sound to its source. It should sound quite honestly like your vacuum cleaner hoses on the vacuum you use in your home.

We can also inspect your automobile to see if it has a vacuum leak. Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge, MI, to schedule an appointment. We will find the vacuum leak and fix it, and don’t worry. If your engine performance trouble isn’t being caused by a vacuum leak, we will find the source of the problem and fix that.

Photo by GetUpStudio from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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