How Can I Tell if I’ve Knocked My Wheels Out of Alignment?

You might be able to tell right away that you’ve knocked your wheels out of alignment if how your vehicle handles suddenly changes after you’ve gone over a bump or hit a curb. Other times, your wheels can slowly be knocked out of alignment, and the changes in how your vehicle handles are subtle. Either way, Righter’s Auto Repair can realign your wheels. Here are signs that you need the service done.


The most common sign that your wheels need to be aligned is pulling. If you are driving straight yet your automobile is heading to the left or right, your wheels are not aligned properly. Proper wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle heads straight until you turn the steering wheel to change its direction.


Another way you can tell whether your wheels need to be aligned is to look at the steering wheel. With the wheels pointed straight, check the logo in the center of your steering wheel to see if it is lopsided. If it is, your wheels are not aligned properly. The logo should be straight when the wheels are straight.

Loose Steering

Misaligned wheels can make your steering feel loose. You may not feel as if you have total control of your automobile, especially when you go around corners. Your steering should always feel the same, so if anything has changed, bring your vehicle in for an alignment and steering system check.

Steering Vibration

Your steering wheel may also vibrate if your wheels are not aligned properly. This is because the tires are not meeting the road squarely. Wheel alignment ensures that your tires are centered on the road. It makes certain they are not leaning inward or outward from both a front and top position.

Tread Wear

If your tires are not meeting the road squarely, you’ll end up with uneven tire tread wear. Misaligned wheels may also cause your tires to bounce on and off the road, which will leave patches of tire tread wear. Wheel alignment, wheel balance, and tire rotations all affect your tread wear.


Finally, if your tires squeal when you turn corners, your wheels may not be aligned properly. This, again, is because the tires are not meeting the road squarely. As such, they may make noise when you turn the wheel. This can also be a sign of wheel balance trouble or brake problems.

Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge, MI, to schedule an appointment for your vehicle’s wheel alignment. We also have the best auto repair shop in Lansing, MI, if that is closer to you.

Photo by ThamKC from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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