Airbag Safety 101

In the event of an accident an airbag could save your life, it can cause an additional injury. Strange, right? A safety feature that can also hurt you. Overall, airbags are a terrific safety feature, but if yours deploys there are a few things Righter’s Auto Repair wants you to know that you can do to prevent further injury.

Wear Your Seat Belt

It takes one second to buckle up. One second. It doesn’t matter if you are going one mile or 1,000 miles, you should always make sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up before you depart. You should also make sure that everyone is wearing their seat belt properly. Your seat belt prevents you from propelling forward when you are in an accident. If you hit an airbag at an accelerated speed, you could find yourself with an injury to your face, neck, or chest.

Sit Back and Relax

While sitting as close as you can to the steering wheel may make you feel like you are in more control of your car, it can actually put you more at risk for injury. Next time you get behind the wheel adjust your seat ca to the point that you can comfortably reach the pedals. If you are closer than 10 inches from your steering wheel you are too close. If you have a passenger in the front seat asked them to move their seat back as well.

No Children in the Front Seat

Seatbelts are not designed to properly protect a child who is riding in the front seat, especially when it comes to the airbag. All children under 12 and pets will be safer in the backseat, no matter what your state’s law is. The force of an airbag could prove detrimental or even fatal if it comes in contact with smaller bodies. As much as your little ones may want to ride upfront with you, they should always be safely secured in the back seat.

Keep Your Airbags Maintained

Anytime your airbag deploys or your airbag warning light comes on, you need to call Righter’s Auto Repair. AIrbags must be properly reset and if that warning light is on there is a chance that your airbag might not deploy in an accident. When it comes to your safety, it is never worth it to take a chance.


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