Six Advantages Of Owning A Hybrid Car

Should you really get a hybrid car? Well, the good news is if you do, we can service and repair it. Righter’s Auto Repair work on hybrids, domestic, foreign, and fleet automobiles. If you’re considering purchasing a hybrid, here are six advantages to owning one to take into account.

1. Improves Your Carbon Footprint

As you already know, owning a hybrid vehicle improves your carbon footprint, which is perfect for those concerned with their personal environmental impact. Hybrids don’t just run on less gasoline, they also produce less harmful emissions, meaning your car won’t release as much harmful exhaust into the air.

2. Financial Credits

In some cases, those who purchase these vehicles receive tax credits from the federal government, state, and/or local tax agencies. This isn’t absolute, as some of these credits have expired. Still, research tax credits and congestion charges to see what financial breaks you’ll receive if you purchase a hybrid.

3. Lower Fuel Dependency

Aside from saving the environment, the number one reason why people buy hybrids is to save money on gas. These cars run on both gas and electricity, with the gas portion of the engine not kicking in until absolutely necessary. In other words, you won’t buy as much as with a hybrid and save a ton of cash.

4. Brakes Charge the Battery

What? That’s cool! It sure is. When you apply the brakes on your vehicle they charge the battery to keep it running longer without the need to switch over to gas. This is called a regenerative braking system, and this system helps your hybrid to go longer between recharges, which is nice for long drives.

5. Lighter Weight

Another thing that helps the battery last longer is the car’s weight. Hybrid vehicles are built using lighter materials, which means they don’t require as much energy to run because they aren’t heavy. These engines are also lighter than gasoline engines, making them more energy-efficient on the road.

6. Resale Value

Finally, hybrid vehicles have a higher resale value. Popular demand is driving the need for hybrid vehicles on the used-car market. When you’re ready to sell your hybrid and get a new one, you’ll likely get more money from a private buyer or the dealer than you would a selling a used gasoline automobile.

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