Five Common Problems With Classic Cars You Should Expect

One of our favorite things to do here at Righter’s Auto Repair is to work on classic cars and do customizations on all automobiles. There are a handful of problems with classic cars that you should expect, unfortunately. These problems boil down to the cars’ ages, so it’s just a matter of time taking its toll. That’s the bad news. The good news is that all of these problems can be fixed and even avoided if you have work done on your classic automobile to address the age-related issues.

Constant Overheating

Older vehicles are known for overheating because they’ve got old cooling system parts and some cooling systems and vehicle engines are not designed for today’s driving. Hot engine temperatures are commonly caused by clogged radiator hoses, coolant levels, malfunctioning radiator fan or thermostat, a broken fan belt, cooling system leaks, and a rusted radiator among other problems.

Brake Trouble

Vintage vehicles are not equipped with dashboard warning lights, so you might not be aware that you’ve got problematic brakes on the wheels. The best approach is to have the brake system inspected and replaced once you’ve bought your classic car – or before if that would be a deal-breaker. Regular brake inspections are also in order to ensure the brake system is always working as it should be.

Engine Trouble

Classic cars are known to be oil hogs. The wear and tear on the engine causes oil leaks and oil burning. In fact, your classic car could be overheating in part because there’s a motor oil issue. If the engine is burning through the oil, you might see blue exhaust coming out of the tailpipe. No matter what, have the engine inspected fully before you buy a classic car and check the oil every time you drive it.

Paint Damage

Depending on how well the vintage automobile was cared for, you might have paint damage on the outside. This is unavoidable. The paint will oxidize eventually, but you can put that off for a while by waxing the exterior regularly. If the paint is ruined, consider getting the exterior paint restored. This will give your classic automobile the beauty it had when it was driven off the lot decades earlier.

Wheel Bubbles/Damage

Again, depending on how well your classic car was taken care of, you might have wheel damage. This could be caused by the age of the tires themselves, the suspension, or a combination of both. For example, you might have a set of tires on the wheels that have bubbled because they are old and the wheel balance and alignment is off. Suspension damage can also cause tire and wheel issues.

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Photo by Rena Marie from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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