Signs That I’m Driving With a Clogged Oil Filter

Trust as here at Righter’s Auto Repair. You do not want to be driving your automobile with a clogged oil filter. This can damage the engine beyond repair. If the filter is so clogged that the oil cannot make its way through it, you will not have oil circulating through the engine. Make sure to have the oil changed right away if you notice any of the following signs that the oil filter is clogged.

Reduced Engine Performance

It might seem strange that a clogged oil filter can reduce your engine’s performance, but it can. The reason why is that the motor oil gets dirtier and dirtier as it circulates through the engine. The clogged filter is unable to clean the oil and you end up with a gunky mess inside your engine. This will affect all moving parts’ ability to move and your engine’s ability to produce power.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Consequently, you will also see a reduction in your automobile’s fuel economy because the engine is struggling to run. When the engine struggles, it uses more fuel to overcompensate for its inability to produce power. As such, you will not get the gas mileage you normally get out of your automobile. You may not have realized it, but oil changes help increase your fuel economy.

Reduced Oil Pressure

As you can see, there are a lot of reductions when the oil filter is clogged, and another one is a reduction in your vehicle’s oil pressure. This is the pressure at which the oil circulates through the engine. When this is reduced by a clogged filter, the engine control module will turn on the oil light to alert you of trouble. You need normal oil pressure for maximum engine protection.

Metallic Engine Noises

If the oil pressure is so low that there is barely any oil circulating through the engine, you are going to hear the moving parts grinding or scraping against each other. This sound may also sound like knocking. If you hear any type of metallic noise coming from the engine, we recommend that you stop driving your automobile right away. You may not have any motor oil in the engine.

Increased Hydrocarbons

Finally, there is one thing that increases when the oil filter is clogged but it’s not a good thing. Unfortunately, because the engine is dirty due to the dirty motor oil, you will end up with increased hydrocarbons in your vehicle’s exhaust.

Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge or Lansing, MI, today to schedule a service visit for an oil change if it has been more than 3,000 miles since your last one.

Photo by anurakpong from getty images via Canva Pro

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