Roadside Assistance in Grand Ledge, MI

Roadside Assistance Grand Ledge MI

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Dependable Tow Trucks–24/7 Availability!

If you’ve ever been on the side of the road, sitting behind the wheel of a broken-down vehicle, you know how valuable roadside assistance is. When you and your vehicle are stranded, our tow trucks are a sight for sore eyes. Engine breakdowns usually come out of nowhere. At that moment getting to a safe location–preferably home–is your top priority. And that’s exactly what our tow truck drivers will do, faster than you expected. We’ll safely carry your vehicle home or to the repair shop of your choice. Towing vehicles is our number one roadside assistance service. Speed and professionalism are key features of our quality towing services. Drivers can find themselves in a number of circumstances that leave them and their vehicle stranded. Righter’s Auto Repair is still the towing facility to call.

Towing & Jumpstart Service!

After spending a day of shopping at the grocery story or shopping mall, you might have an armful or cartful of items. You can’t wait to get to the car to load everything into the trunk or backseat and be on your way. Or it might even be necessary to go back inside the mall to continue shopping. As you approach your vehicle, it’s still daylight outside and your headlights are the last thing on your mind. So you continue loading your bags, and that dreaded moment finally arrives when your turn the ignition to leave . . . nothing. It all makes sense when you notice that your headlights have been left on. Most of us have been surprised to find that we left the headlights on. This drained the vehicle’s battery of its power and prevents it from starting without a jump. Our tow trucks are equipped with tools to quickly jumpstart your vehicle and get you back on the road.

Call Us When You Need Roadside Assistance!

Our friendly and professional team at Righter’s Auto Repair is always ready to come to your rescue. We can be reached 24/7 for tow truck service and roadside assistance. If you have roadside assistance on your insurance policy, then you can tell your insurance company to call for you. As soon as our team gets the call from you or your insurance provider, you can breathe easy. Just know that we’re on our way and the whole ordeal will be over soon. Whatever your vehicle’s issues are, we can get you on your way again. Give us a call today for immediate assistance.


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