Prep Your Car for Winter With the Following Maintenance Services

With average winter temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, it’s always a good idea to bring your vehicle into a Grand Ledge, MI, auto shop in the fall for preventative maintenance. Righter’s Auto Repair is that shop. We’d be happy to prep your car, truck, CUV, or SUV for the winter so you can count on it during our coldest season of the year.

Under the Hood

Important fall maintenance services under the hood include checking all of the fluids and inspecting the vehicle’s battery. Car batteries are more likely to die in the winter because the cold weather affects their ability to generate voltage; batteries older than three years old are particularly susceptible. Antifreeze also plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s winter preparation. As its name suggests, antifreeze prevents the radiator from freezing in cold temperatures, which could be disastrous for your engine. Other important fluid changes include switching the motor oil from conventional to synthetic and changing out the windshield washer fluid to a formula that helps de-ice the windshield.

While under the hood, we’ll also check your belts and hoses for wear and tear and inspect your heater core. As the cooling system circulates antifreeze/coolant throughout the engine, the liquid absorbs the heat the engine generates. This is what keeps your engine cool and prevents it from overheating. The hot antifreeze/coolant flows through the heater core and it recycles that heat to warm the air inside your vehicle’s cabin. It’s ingenious if you think about it. We’ll make sure that the heater core is functioning properly so you can count on warm air inside your car when you need it. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic without a car heater when it’s 15 degrees outside.

Outside the Car

Getting your car ready for winter is also important on the exterior of the vehicle. Specifically, the brakes and tires should be inspected to ensure they’re in excellent condition. Winter roads are hazardous, as is driving and stopping in winter weather. You need tires with full tread or even snow tires depending on where you plan to drive this winter. You also need to ensure you can stop on a dime, even when the roads are wet and icy. Another thing to check in the fall is the windshield wiper blades. They should be intact, with plenty of rubber, and should not show any signs of wear and tear.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to fall vehicle maintenance services at Righter’s Auto Repair in Grand Ledge, MI. Give us a call to schedule your service visit before the weather turns.

Photo by Maximkostenko from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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