Is it Safe to Drive My Car if I Can Smell Gasoline?

No, it is not safe to drive your car, truck, or utility vehicle if you can smell gasoline. This can be a sign that the engine is leaking gasoline or that your exhaust system is clogged or leaking. Gasoline odors inside the passenger cabin open you up to the possibility of inhaling carbon monoxide. Have your vehicle towed to Righter’s Auto Repair right away if you can smell gas inside the cabin.

Burning or Hot Odors

Gasoline or diesel fuel odors are just one sign that your exhaust system is clogged or leaking. Let’s talk about the other signs. For example, if you detect hot smells in the engine, it’s possible that the exhaust manifold gasket has cracked. When this happens, hot exhaust leaks out of the gasket and melts nearby engine parts that are susceptible to excessive heat.

Damage to the Tailpipe

Your exhaust system also needs to be serviced if there is damage to the tailpipe. The tailpipe drew the short straw when it comes to location. It gets pelted by road debris and banged when you go over bumps and other road hazards too quickly. Damage to the tailpipe can include dents or holes as well as corrosion caused by excess moisture.

Acceleration/Power Loss

Your exhaust system might also be clogged or leaking if your vehicle is losing its ability to accelerate and produce power. This is generally a sign that the engine is filled with exhaust gases that are reducing the effectiveness of the fuel that is in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, you will notice that your engine is not as powerful as it used to be and your acceleration is lagging.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

This engine problem will cause a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. You won’t get the gas mileage you normally get because the engine is using more fuel than it normally does. The more the engine struggles to produce power and accelerate the more fuel it uses.

Too Much Engine Noise

Finally, your exhaust system also needs to be serviced right away if your engine is extremely loud. This is a sign that there is a problem with the muffler, such as a gash or hole. We can replace your damaged muffler to muffle the engine noise once again and reduce your risk of getting a moving violation.

Call Righter’s Auto Repair in Lansing or Grand Ledge, MI, today if your vehicle is having any of the problems listed above. Again, if you can smell gasoline inside the passenger cabin, have your automobile towed to our shop.


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